In April 2014, my second novel Pirates was published by Cutting Edge Press, London.

Derek Strangely, recovering from his Congo ordeal in this Gorillaland sequel, is contacted by Johnny Oceans who disappeared 14 years ago after being abducted by Somali pirates Derek Strangely is living in Kampala with his dog Rafiki and is still recovering from his time in the Congo jungle where he was rescued by the enigmatic Azziza Nshuti when he is contacted by his old friend, Johnny Oceans. It seems that Johnny had been abducted by Somali pirates more than 14 years ago. On his escape he had converted to Islam, married a Darod woman, and lived a modest life. Now, after years of peace among the Sumis, Johnny’s life is again in danger, this time from radical Islamic forces. His only hope of survival, indeed the only hope of all the people of Puntland, lies in the hands of a Somali clan elder, currently in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. Derek and Johnny’s trip to the camp involves a highly dangerous illegal border crossing—but this is only the start of their involvement in the political intrigue and power struggles of the region. Just who is pulling the strings, and will Johnny ever be able to return to the arms of his wife? Derek Strangely is the only person in the world able to make it so.

PIRATES press release

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