Turn your blue sky thinking into long term funding

Blue Gorilla Giving advises charities and non-profits, both near and far, on how to think big, how to grow their revenue and public profiles, design crisis-proof fundraising strategies, develop new revenue streams and build lasting relationships with donors and grant makers. 


The not-for-profit sector is energized by crises. We go where others fear to tread and achieve social change through innovative projects in the most unlikely places. It is possible to change the world if you know where to look, what to look out for, and with whom you should partner to achieve maximum sustainability. Global warming, ocean plastics, over fishing, encroachment of wild spaces, intensive farming, mental illness, and the emergence of novel viruses are just some of the issues that this sector is leading the global effort to tackle. And we’re just as active at home. Few fully appreciate or value the central role that charities play, not just in the economy, but in supporting public services that millions of people rely on. 


How much should we care? The pandemic showed us that what happens on the other side of the world can have a profound impact on the lives of ordinary people everywhere. It was as local as a global issue ever gets, and has clearly demonstrated that either every one matters, or no one does.  


Time to start changing the world. Blue Gorilla Giving will help you make the most of your philanthropy, whatever your desired cause and wherever your chosen charity is situated. Be it in your own neighbourhood or on the other side of the world, we can help you draft a blueprint of the social change you desire.


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This 3-minute video snapshots what Blue Gorilla Giving Consultancy is about.

Heartfelt thanks to James Fry for camera work and Cam Cumming for sound.

Decades trekking gorillas in Africa

“In 1992, on the slopes of Mount Visoke in Rwanda, I encountered my first mountain gorillas. It was a life-changing moment that ultimately transformed me into a ‘gorilla man’.” In the 30 years since, Greg Cummings has continued to seek out our closest cousins in the wild, trekking gorilla and chimp habitats across central Africa. Join him on safari. Come chillax with the big fellas for a spell. Click the logo to browse a variety of exciting safaris.