Our Grant Writing Bears Fruit

Imagine an orchard where every tree bears a different kind of fruit: mango, cherry, peach, pear, lemon, lime. Each fruit must be picked in its own way and not before it’s ripe. How does the fruit grower manage such an oddly assorted harvest?


Grant writing presents a similar challenge to charities and non profits. There’s no one-size-fits-all. Every grant application has its own codex, unique requirements, and looming deadline. It’s hard to see the orchard for the trees.


With over thirty years experience raising money for a broad range of causes, Blue Gorilla Giving’s grant writers have the skills and data required to harvest all the available grants for any given registered charity or society in Canada.


We have the contact details of over 100,000 Canadian foundations, the names of their trustees and directors, the programs they support, and the particulars – the what, where, to whom and how much – of every grant they have made over the last ten years. We are skilled in tailoring your ask to each and every grant-maker’s specifications. We’ll get you funded.


Enjoy the fruits of our labours.

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